Family Films

I am completely sincere when I tell you this; the only reason DT has reached any level of success is because of people.  Through our tenure we have been fortunate to work with the most genuine, inspiring, and diverse range of people you could imagine.  

The first day we ever picked up a camera, we had no earthly idea how to make a good film. But we did have a drive - to find interesting individuals, build relationships, and capture the true essence of a story.

As time went on, we began to learn.  Not through textbooks or classes, but through this nonstop effort to meet people.  It’s addicting; it’s why DT exists today.

Equally important are the bonds we have developed within our team.   As a family we strive for the same goal; we are competitive, constantly pushing each other to do better. We bicker, we get drunk together, we are goofy and can be ourselves around one another. We work our asses off, not for personal gains, but because we do not want to let the crew down. 

This dynamic has led to a body of work that we could only have dreamed of when we first started pressing record.  So go ahead and roll your eyes at all this “rah rah, team DT loves each other, rainbows, and kitties,” hoopla.   These days, I’m pretty happy to be on the other end of a good eye roll.  That’s because I know behind me there is a team of the raddest most talented folks I've ever met fighting their tails off for DT.  A team, eager to spend every day cultivating relationships and building endearing stories with individuals who make a difference in this world.

 - Cartter Fontaine