How to Make an Ad in 10 Days


In the advertising world, ideas spark and roll without pause – why wouldn't they? There are so many distribution points (TV, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snap, etc.) that a good idea should not be wasted.

That said – ideas are nothing without execution.

In order to maintain high level production with a quick turnaround, we brought the entire production process in house and invested in high end equipment. This allows us to move fast, which has been very beneficial to our agency partnerships!

Two weeks ago, we received a call from FitzCo on behalf of Checkers and Rally’s to see if we could prepare a short video spot in the next 10 days.  This is how we did it.


Alongside the FitzCo team we set up hidden cameras around a bustling Atlanta Checkers and waited for customers to arrive. If they ordered fries, Cartter would radio the call to each team member, hidden in various locations. We activate cameras and sound and prepare to capture their reaction to Kobayashi-sized fries. Overall the shoot was an enormous success, and Cartter thoroughly enjoyed working inside a Checkers for twelve hours.

See below for the final draft of our hidden camera project. Fans wanted big fries, and that is what they got.

Andrew Levy