This Is Why We Filmed for the Bachelor with Only Half of Our Equipment:

A month ago, we were sitting on the runway of the Miami Airport, waiting to takeoff for Bimini, Bahamas for a commercial shoot with ABC and The Bachelor. It was an exciting morning and we were prepared for a great shoot; we had our team, the client, the talent, and all of our equipment on board – that would all soon change.

Just before we taxied from the gate, we watched the ground crew remove half of our equipment from the plane. It was not the best sight to see, and inside a closed airplane is a tough place to negotiate. Did they not care that we only had 48 hours to film a major commercial? NO, they did not.

However, they assured us that the equipment would arrive on the flight out that evening, and the good news we soon found out (sarcastic) – there was no evening flight.

Long story short: we befriended a few shark filmmakers on our flight who agreed to loan us some extra batteries, we always carry-on a camera, and our creatives are, well, creative.

So all was not lost. We still were able to bask in the Bahamas sun, and in the end -- the millions of excited bachelor fans were none the wiser!

We hope you enjoy this most recent work!

Project Details:

  • Client: ABC (The Bachelor) in partnership with Resorts World Bimini
  • Two (:15) Spots for TV, Taxi TV, Online
  • Key Markets: NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia
  • Campaign: (1) Month
Andrew Levy