Barrick: The Future of Gold Mining


“The future in mining is not your grandfather’s mine.”  

Andy Thompson, Chief of Staff, Barrick Nevada


Mining is an old school, hard-nosed dirty job where your tools include: a pick axe, headlamp, and lunch pail – at least that is how I’ve seen it portrayed in the media and by famous movie characters like Derek Zoolander’s dad and brothers.

Well, it turns out – that is no longer true.

Earlier this year we partnered with the largest gold mining company in the world, Barrick, as a part of their digital transformation strategy. This global initiative includes bringing wifi underground, improving the company-wide chain of communication, technological investments and partnerships, and, of course, an enhanced suite of cinematic videos and marketing materials. 

As a part of phase one, we are producing seven different elements to help capture the impact that Barrick will have on the overall mining industry. This includes projects in three countries alongside Barrick and partners, AuTec Gold Lab and Cisco Technology.


In this first film, we take a cinematic look at the Pueblo Viejo (PV) mine in the Domincan Republic. Through a strategic partnership with AuTec, a gold lab in Vancouver, PV is one of the most productive mines in the Barrick network, producing nearly one million ounces of gold per year.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 2.25.10 PM.png

PV has also made major strides to improve the environmental and economic impact of their mine, and it currently provides jobs to thousands of households in the Santo Domingo area.

Andrew Levy