The Secret Strategies of DTproductions

DTproductions is a video production and content management company based in Athens, GA. We work with businesses from around the country to help them communicate through high-end video.

That can mean many different things, and honestly we uncover a new opportunity to effectively use video every day. We learn from our experiences and the following have been our most successful strategies to date:

Virtual Handshake

Today the world is driven by virtual connections; thus it is imperative to immediately connect with someone as soon as they enter your virtual storefront or website, just as you would in person.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

Tell your story in a creative way. Passion lives in all successful businesses, and it only takes a little extra effort to develop your own emotionally connective tale.

B2B (Business-to-Business)

Virality is a great buzz word, but not every deal is between you and a million people. The fastest growing part of our business revolves around the one-on-one critical view. Video can bring valuable emotion alongside major presentations and inject targeted messages inside a potential client’s boardroom.

360° Media

Ask five people their favorite way to consume content and you are likely to get five different responses. Campaigns should be developed and delivered across all digital mediums, welcoming consumers the opportunity to digest your message in their preferred method.

Live Events

Concerts, sporting events, festivals, fairs – all passionately live moments that can truly affect us when done correctly, making us yearn for a return trip as soon as we reach our desk on Monday morning. Videos are those return trips, a time-traveling party favor, allowing fans to relive the glory of their favorite events.

Those are some of the secrets we have learned over the past few years, but the truth is they aren’t secrets at all. The actual key to our success has been housing a group of young people who have a burning desire to create.  I hope you can meet them soon, but for now, a look at the faces of DTproductions.

- Andrew Levy | Business Development

Andrew Levy