Filming Pace Academy: Our Producer's Journey Back to School

I grew up at Pace Academy; I spent thirteen years in those buildings on West Paces Ferry developing relationships with my best friends and learning lessons from great teachers that I still think about.  However, when I returned as a professional last fall I was not sure what to expect.

There were new buildings allover campus, and I was not certain whether anyone would remember my name.  This was not the case.

“Hi Sam! How are you doing and what are you doing here!”

A former Spanish teacher immediately greeted me, and the warm reconnections continued as I walked through campus. I felt back at home, excited and honored to produce a film about my old school, alongside the rest of my team at DTproductions. 

Over the course of 96 interviews and month of collaboration with Pace faculty and students, we worked to uncover the voice of Pace and deliver the heart of the school in video form.

It has been a thrilling experience to bring my passion of video making to the place that prepared me for this path.  I am proud of how this video turned out and I am excited that past, present, and future members of the Pace Family will be able to virtually and emotionally connect with the story of my school, Pace Academy.

Without further ado, I am excited to finally release: Pace Academy – Citizens of the World.

Andrew Levy