2015 AOC Twilight Bike Race Recap

The Athens Twilight Criterium is one of the most unique weekends of the Spring.  For a town that is widely known for its football and music, this event brings a different sport to the city: professional high speed and high flying cycling.  This year we took our equipment and captured Twilight unlike ever before.

It started with mountain bikes and a rainy morning.  Equipped with the RED camera, our team entered the forest trails with ponchos, umbrellas, and tarps.  We ended up with some awesome footage and some sweet new filming gloves thanks to Hand Up Gloves.

With the weather clearing up, the day continued with the Trans Jam BMX contest which offered us the opportunity to capture both flatland and air bike tricks.  We are big fans of the movie Rad, so this was a dream come true scenario, and we had a blast filming these guys bring the best they've got.

The day concluded with the main event: the Men's and Women's Criterium Race.  For those unfamiliar to the Twilight Race, professionals from around the globe race laps around the city streets of Athens at speeds exceeding 30mph. Propped up on a genie above the crowd, we were able to capture the riders whizzing around turn 3 and crossing the finish line.  

All-in-all it was an amazing full day shoot that produced some footage we are very proud of.  Thanks to Gene Dixon, Habitat for HumanityAthens Orthopedic Clinic, and the rest of the Twilight Crew for their assistance in making this video happen.  

Andrew Levy