The Spark

chispa (n.) an emotional spark that inspires movement

chispa (n.) an emotional spark that inspires movement

Four years ago there is a spark; an acoustic guitar delicately handcrafted by an Athens, GA luthier. We capture the process, the passion, and it moves us.  So much so, it ignites our desire to create – more and better.

We relentlessly pursue improvement, and it is painful. Without skill or experience, we lean heavily on confident ignorance.  Each film improves slightly, inching us closer towards our limitless expectations. 

Two years go by and we fall into a niche, corporate film; we hate the title, but love the work. An executive shows us how he or she built their company, and we film and study it.  Always taking the lessons we learn to heart.

The education inspires a deepened relationship with our partners and it benefits our work. Each film increases in connectivity. The business grows, and we grow as people.

Cash flow, employees, protocols, and rent – all new aspects of the business bring us closer together. Through friendship and respect, we fight tirelessly over every film. Three edits, seven edits, ten edits, TWENTY-FOUR EDITS – no comments spared, “You must finish the last five percent!”  Walking across the finish line is not to be tolerated, a rule enforced in Penitas, TX.

It is there we meet the Calderon-Rojas family. We film as they strive to build life in America. They battle poverty and malnutrition with smiles and laughter, and on our last night they provide dinner for the entire crew.

With barely enough to feed themselves, they insist on sharing.  A gift with more relative value than anything we have ever received before.

“Chispa,” they explain, is the spark that motivates them.  Their children, their dreams, the future of their family.


At that moment, we understand why we want to build this company: people. The camera allows us to get to know so many on such an intimate level.  Surgeons, pilots, builders, grizzlies -- each new character tells their own story and trusts us to communicate it.

Best of all, the more we film others, the closer we become as a company. Each creative, each biznasty – molded together into a singular soul with dirtty toes.  An idea never more true than in the last two months.

One of our own was lost at sea April 15th and Chispa took on a new meaning.

Film does more than just access people; it also preserves them. Through images, style, desire and love – DT carries the spirit of all whom we encounter, and for that we are fortunate and grateful.

Rest in Peace Kelly.  We will follow your direction as we continue to build this company, through creativity and incredible attention to detail.

Thank you to all who support us so generously.

It it our mission to connect the world in film, and that is what we will continue to do.


Cartter, Sam and Andrew