A Relationship Between Film and Medicine

Have you ever discussed work with your family? I am assuming you have, since it is an age-old topic of the dinner table.  ‘How was work? Tell me about your day? Who did you sit next to at lunch?’  

These questions and others help us to identify and relate to the interests of our loved ones; however even through all these questions, there is a certain level of detail that is never reached. The frustrations of a 7th edit, the chill on a subzero construction site, the chaos of a 2am emergency room – all indescribable experiences that can only be understood in the moment.

For these reasons, our work with the UT MIST Clinic is very special to me.  This project broke the barrier between the film world that I live in and the daily life of my sister, Dr. Shauna Levy.

Shauna and Andrew a few years before film and medicine

Shauna and Andrew a few years before film and medicine

I was able to experience first hand the complex robotics that Shauna uses every day and the impact she has on the lives of so many patients in need.  Similarly, she was able to go behind the scenes and watch our production process in action. Sure, like any older sister, she let me know ways that she would do it better, but I do think she enjoyed the opportunity overall.

Below is the final product of our work: a family film about both the journey of bariatric surgery and my newly defined relationship with my sister.

Andrew Levy