A Letter from the Officiant

It started with a video of the proposal.  What followed was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Marrying two individuals, two friends, is something I never imagined would happen in my life but I always secretly wanted to do.  It is intimidating when you really think about the magnitude of this action, and thrilling all the same.

Shortly after Ariel asked DTproductions to film their wedding, Andrew asked me to officiate it. We were given very few guidelines; the couple would be eloping in the desert of Utah – outside the town of Moab to be exact – and immediate family would be present.  Other than that, DT was free to produce a wedding / film tailored to the future Mr. and Mrs. Levy.

Since they decided to elope, the film became a representation of the ceremony for loved ones not in attendance.  To hold on to the mystique of this moment, the vows Andrew and Ariel wrote for one another resonate during the marriage section of the film. They are both adventurous, both compassionate, and both dedicated individuals.  We knew we wanted to include these traits in the film as well.

For four days, sunrise to sunset, we captured footage in the expansive setting of Moab, Utah.  Sky diving, rock climbing, camping, and sunset yoga; it was intense and exhilarating.

None of it stacks up to the moment Ariel stepped off the small, single-prop airplane and walked to meet Andrew.  I had the distinct honor to be standing next to Andrew as Ariel approached and they met with a kiss. 

My words were few and simple as the moment truly spoke for itself.

After all the footage was captured, and the files backed up, we returned to our home – Athens, GA – to piece it all together.  The film premiered to an audience of close friends and extended family at the Georgia Theatre, with the bride and groom dressed in their wedding attire as we danced into the night.

Interested in some outtakes?

Andrew Levy