2016 was certainly the most unique year we've had at DTproductions. Highs, lows and a couple days in between, and through all of the madness we ended up producing our best work yet. Here are a couple numbers and films from the year:

  • 23 Films Released
  • 10 Cities Covered
  • 260,000+ Views
  • 11 Employees
  • 2 Offices: Athens, GA + Nashville, TN

5. Hanover Recruitment with Mandarin Subtitles

This film produced our most ambitious film day of the year: sunrise shoot in Houston, followed by a sunset shoot in Los Angeles with the same crew. For our multi-lingual supporters, please enjoy this version with Mandarin subtitles.

4. Chispa: The Spark of DT

Building this company has been a journey, enjoy some of our best shots from the past few years.

3. Your Pie: Passion for Pizza

We did not stage the photo above. We just ate an incredible amount of pizza at 5am and took pictures of it.

2. Pace: A World of Firsts

We spent the summer with some incredible incoming Pace Students. There is nothing like a high school senior on their last 'first day' of school.

1. The Way Out: Wedding

Our largest premiere to date, The Way Out: Wedding saw over 200,000 views in its first week. This film was incredible to produce and has inspired us to explore more original short films. Stay tuned for 2017!