Top Five Films of 2016

2016 was certainly the most unique year we've had at DTproductions. Highs, lows and a couple days in between, and through all of the madness we ended up producing our best work yet. Here are a couple numbers and films from the year:

  • 23 Films Released
  • 10 Cities Covered
  • 260,000+ Views
  • 11 Employees
  • 2 Offices: Athens, GA + Nashville, TN

5. Hanover Recruitment with Mandarin Subtitles

This film produced our most ambitious film day of the year: sunrise shoot in Houston, followed by a sunset shoot in Los Angeles with the same crew. For our multi-lingual supporters, please enjoy this version with Mandarin subtitles.

4. Chispa: The Spark of DT

Building this company has been a journey, enjoy some of our best shots from the past few years.

3. Your Pie: Passion for Pizza

We did not stage the photo above. We just ate an incredible amount of pizza at 5am and took pictures of it.

2. Pace: A World of Firsts

We spent the summer with some incredible incoming Pace Students. There is nothing like a high school senior on their last 'first day' of school.

1. The Way Out: Wedding

Our largest premiere to date, The Way Out: Wedding saw over 200,000 views in its first week. This film was incredible to produce and has inspired us to explore more original short films. Stay tuned for 2017!

Andrew Levy